Exchange 2013 Automatic Reply Frequency

By default, Exchange 2013 only sends an automatic reply once to each sender each time a user enables the option. I had a request to make this happen more often as we constantly have people either forgetting or just ignoring the first out of office message, and then they wonder why no one is replying to them.

The PowerShell script below will do the following:

  • Find everyone that has auto reply switched on
  • Turn auto reply off for those users
  • Turn auto reply back on for those users

I run this script once a day which “resets” every sender’s counter back to zero so they will get the auto reply once a day.

$enabled = get-mailbox -resultsize unlimited |get-mailboxautoreplyconfiguration | where {$_.autoreplystate -eq "enabled"} | select identity,autoreplystate
$enabled | foreach-object {
set-mailboxautoreplyconfiguration $_.identity -autoreplystate "Disabled"
set-mailboxautoreplyconfiguration $_.identity  -autoreplystate $_.autoreplystate